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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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health-care heading for a showdown on capitol hill. >> right now, we are at the point where we are going to do something historic this weekend. >> democrats struggled to convince the undecideds to vote
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yes. and brace yourself for a busy weekend. and marathon, marches, and protests in the district. and new at 11:00, investigators search for answers after a teen- ager's body is found in a neighborhood park. captioned by the national captioning institute a showdown is expected this weekend over health care reform. the house democrats have changed their mind and some say they will now vote for the overhaul. president obama will meet with lawmakers to try to shore up support. john gonzalez has the latest from capitol hill. >> congress is working overtime this weekend, one by one of undecided democrats picking sides. the lights on the house side of the capital are on tonight, which means people are busy at work and lobbying is very
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aggressive. in what looked like a campaign rally today, president obama all but proclaim victory. >> we have waited long enough. and just a few days, a century long struggle will culminate. >> he fired up supporters of all ages. >> i am ready to see congress do something. >> with a highly anticipated house vote and nearing, democrats still do not appear to have the 216 votes needed. >> when we bring it to the floor, we will have a significant victory for the american people. >> if passed, for the first time ever most americans will be required to purchase health insurance or face a penalty. democrats are sporadically picking up votes. >> i will be votinges. >> struggling for support from a handful of pro-life democrats.
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>> we are holding firm. >> republicans are promising to toss out procedural obstacles in the way and to remind americans about the vote in november. >> even after today's public rally, the president is not done. he is hoping to meet with house democrats tomorrow, hoping to persuade those still on the fence. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. from rallies to a march to a marathon, it will be a busy weekend. three major offense take place saturday and sunday. the national marathon will close roads periodically tomorrow between 6:45 and 1:30 in the afternoon. east capitol, conn., pa., constitution avenues will all be impacted -- east capitol street, connecticut avenue, pennsylvania
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avenue, and constitution avenue will all be impacted. >> i will be staying clear this weekend. a lot of things going on. >> some anti-war protesters gathered outside of the white house today. several thousand demonstrators will be at lafayette park tomorrow for a rally and march. how is the weather shaping up this weekend? doug hill has a first look. >> in the belfort furniture weather center, mild temperatures outside. the overview for the weekend, the blue "h" is the weather control, warm temperatures. late sunday night, monday, the frontal system will come to town and change the weather. the temperature is right now, 59 olney, 53 woodbridge. overnight, wide ranging temperatures, outlying areas
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upper 30's, low 50's in the city. tomorrow, spectacular weather. spring officially begins at 1:32 p.m. what is beyond? that is in the forecast in a couple minutes. the police discovered the body of a teenager in a local park. they say the victim may have been beaten with a baseball bat or stick in the alexandria section of fairfax county. richard reeve has the latest. >> cynne, the police are calling this a suspicious death investigation. was a drug-related or gang- related? they are not sure. a disturbing discovery in this quiet alexandria neighborhood. >> it is shocking to have something like this happen. >> the police responding to an injured person call found the body of a 16-, 17-year-old male
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in the park. he was fatally beaten in the head. >> we are not sure at this point. >> sources say he was likely struck with a baseball bat or stick. no weapon has been found. >> i am surprised. >> this person said the victim lived here in the ingleside neighborhood and he saw him riding his bike and playing basketball, but never imagined this. >> you never hear about the violence. >> residents have voiced concerns about drug dealing and gang activity. >> i feel for him and his family. >> they hope it was an isolated incident. >> i am not scared. it is my neighborhood. i should not have to fear people in my neighborhood. >> still others worry about the safety of their family. >> we are cautious about it.
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>> certainly a lot of questions about the case. the police have not identified the person. the neighborhood is highly concerned. richard reeve, abc 7 news. citizens stop a driver from leaving the scene of an accident. an adult and teenager were hit in laurel. the driver tried to leave the scene, but witnesses block the vehicle 1 mile away. the driver is charged with leaving the scene of an accident as well as driving without a license. the victims are in critical condition. police say they have caught the man who tried to adopt a teenager in bristow. the 16-year-old girl said a man grabbed her and forced her back into the house, but left when she screamed for her sister. the man is being held without bond. construction work will close chain bridge this weekend. a close tonight and will not
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reopen until 5:00 a.m. monday. there'll be no access from either the district or arlington. is also off-limits to cyclists and pedestrians -- it is also off-limits to cyclists and pedestrians. some questions on the u.s. census form are causing controversy. we will explain. >> painful middle school memories make for a good movie.
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some questions on the census form are causing controversy tonight. greta kreuz reports. >> confusion about what race we are and shocked at some of the wording.
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this person was filling out her 2010 census form today but got stuck on question number 9, race. >> i don't know how to answer some of the questions and which one i will select. >> america is more of a melting pot than other, and fitting ethnicity into a box is harder than ever. census officials say check off as many boxes as you need to identify yourself. also, a single word many thought was long gone -- the term "negro." >> very offensive. >> it does not bother me, but a lot of people would probably be upset. >> officials explained the 2010 form was designed using feedback from the last census. >> 66,000 respondents actually
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wrote in the term "negro" in the box that said "some other race." >> when the goal is to get every american of every background counted, you cannot alienate anyone. why do they need all this information? the census also provides critical data for researchers, nonprofit seeking funding for programs, and elected officials trying to better serve their constituents. it is not just about numbers. coming up, a judge sends the deal about ground zero back to the bargaining table. deal about ground zero back to the bargaining table.
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the police have stepped up their search for missing mother shantina smiley one day after the body of her young son washed up on the beach. >> this experience has shown me
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you really do not know who you have in life until they are gone. >> authorities say azriel carverdied from drowning. a security camera caught shantina smiley prchasing wine, and was also seen falling down in a parking lot and not wearing shoes. authorities say she stopped it asked for directions and looked like she had been crying. if federal judge rejected the settlement for those made ill by the ground zero cleanup after 9/11. now the federal judge says that nearly half a billion dollars is not enough because their legal fees have exceeded $200 million. a maryland lawmaker is trying to strengthen penalties against sex offenders, creating a mandatory 15-year prison
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sentence for those who commit second degree shot offense or rape against a child. it -- second-degree sex offense or rape against a child. doctors and nurses are back home tonight after the usns comfort arrived back in baltimore this morning. the ship spent nearly two months helping victims of the haitian earthquake. 700 nurses and doctors treated more than 870 people. most of the medical staff comes from the national made up -- national naval medical center in bethesda. arch campbell has the best bets for the box office this weekend. >> best new movie honors, "diary of a wimpy kid," a chorus of middle school, made hilarious for kids -- the horrors of
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middle school, made hilarious for kids and adults alike. also opening, "repo men." two stars. the best bets -- have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. the levees are fortified, the sandbags stacked. all fargo residents have to do is wait for the red river to crest. it is expected to reach 38 feet on sunday, enough to cause significant damage. ice jams have blocked parts of the mississippi river. in st. paul, they are adding concrete barriers and anticipation of major flooding. it is beautiful around here. >> it is beautiful tomorrow, and it will be attractive sunday.
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let's look at some of the temperatures on the weatherbug. a delphi 52 -- adelphi 52 degrees. it. 60's, low seventies across most of the area. the district, nationals park, 62. it will not be long before the nationals are playing there. the temperatures on the board, impressive. 73 the official high at reagan national, 44 the morning low. the pollen count was back, and we have moved from winter to spring back quick. this time of year we can't fall back and get a winter pattern, but no sign of that. -- this time of year, we can fall back and get a wider pattern, but no sign of that. today, nothing but sunshine, high pressure firmly entrenched,
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rotating wellaway. cloudiness across the coast of the carolinas, but the high pressure in the south pushes up the warm wind tomorrow. there are all kinds of things in the atmosphere. right now and dallas-fort worth, 64 degrees. this cold front and storm will sweep through there. tomorrow at this time, 32 degrees, windy, and snow. we will not turn a cold. let's look at the timing. it comes in some time sunday night, morning -- monday morning. close to 70 degrees on sunday, some increasing cloudiness. in the evening, maybe some showers. nday is when we have a better chance of widespread showers, possible thunderstorms. e first day of spring is tomorrow, officially the brunell equinoxes, marking the moments
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when the sun rays -- the vernal equinoxes, marking the moment when the sun's rays most directly impact the equator. tomorrow, at least 72. i bet some areas will get 75. it the next seven days, sunday, scattered showers late in the day. monday looks to be the day with a better chance of rain, thunderstorms, cooler. sunshine, temperatures above average as we had through wednesday, thursday, friday next week. >> thank you, doug. the mother of octuplets it >> thank you, doug. the mother of octuplets it could soon be forced out on the
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announced breakups. the california mother who famously had octuplets last year may be kicked out of her home. nadya suleman may be kicked out because the home may go into foreclosure. an attorney said the situation is being worked out. nadya suleman has six older children as well. interesting conversation we had at about that. >> is a curse? -- interesting conversation we had about that. >> is it a curse? >> yes. maryland is an action tonight. how are your brackets holding up? and spring training action.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. check your tournament sheets, if you have not torn them up. highlights from today's action. maryland plan right now, -- maryland is playing right now,
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leading 39-37. earlr today, missouri taking on clemson. missouri knox of clemson. morgan state was mauled by west virginia. just the way they do it in practice. the mountaineers advanced. now that the shot of georgetown losing has worn off, one of the biggest questions -- now that the shock of georgetown's losing has worn off, one of the biggest questions is greg monroe. does he want to come back one more year? we will see what he has to say. >> basically, i'm not looking to the future right now.
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>> if he wants to go ahead and support his family, that is fine, more power to him. it is up to him. baseball, the nationals' rookie phenom stephen strasburg back on the mound. first pitch, taken deep. two home runs in the first inning, then he settled down. adam dunn got all of that pitch. ryan zimmerman scored easily. after the first, stephen strasburg was lights out. this is one of seven strikeouts, striking out seven of the next 10 outs. the nationals win, only their third victory of spring training. >> they will catch up to it sooner or later.
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just 12 hours from spring. >> happy spring, and advance. -- in advance. sunny and warm tomorrow, in the 70's. monday looks to be the day that the showers and thunderstorms become widespread. tomorrow is delightful, in the 70's. the complete weakened outlook, very pleasant, sunshine. -- --weekend outloo very
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